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The main aim of Chinese medical treatments is to help the patient maintain or re-establish the balance and harmony inside the body or between the body and the environment.

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Traditional Chinese medical clinic in Hove, East Sussex.
Herbs Kingdom Chinese medicine clinic was established in 1998 and has become one of the leading providers of Chinese medicine in Sussex.



Acupuncture is part of the whole healthcare system rooted in Chinese philosophy and Chinese medicine theories. Chinese have a few thousand years’ history of using acupuncture to treat illness and maintain good health. It is believed in Chinese medicine theory that vital energy (Qi) is [...]


Chinese Herbal Remedy

Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese herbal medicineis an integrated part of Chinese medicine continuously practiced in China and Far East for nearly two thousand years. Chinese herbal medicine which is prescribed by qualified practitioners (herbalists) is safe to use. At the same time it is [...]


Hot Cupping

Hot Cupping Chinese hot cupping: hot cupping is a treatment involves using glass cups which adhere to the body through heat or with a pump. It is an extremely useful technique to alleviate stagnation of qi and blood, therefore very useful for pain relief. [...]



Moxibustion Moxibustion: is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment using moxa made from dried mugwort (Ai). It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, especially along with acupuncture. In Chinese language, acupuncture is called Zhen Jiu, in which Zhen means needles and Jiu means the [...]


Gua sha

Gua sha Gua Sha: This traditional technique involves cutaneous scraping with round edged thin plates made from bones or stones. The main function of GuaSha is to promote local circulation of qi and blood, remove stasis of qi and blood, and expel “toxic heat”. [...]


Auricular Pressure

Similar to auricular acupuncture, auricular pressure is used to treat various disorders by stimulating acupuncture points in the ears. This is based on the idea that a microsystem, such as ears, hands or feet, is an image of the whole body and can be accessed [...]


Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles Hopi ear candle treatment, also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, is believed to originate from a native American Indian tribe. It is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment for many medical conditions. Patients often use ear candle treatment to help with ear wax [...]

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