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Welcome to our new website. I hope this will be a platform we can use to share information which you may be interested and answer questions you may have.

Earlier this month during British Acupuncture Council’s Acupuncture Awareness Week (03/03-10/03) we offered one week free consultation. One day I gave an elderly lady consultation for lung diseases. She had some complicated conditions and we spent quite a long time to make sure she understood everything clearly. At the end, the lady said she needed to think about it before making any decision. I said that is absolutely fine. She was a bit hesitated and asked how much she should pay me because we spent so much time with her. I said “we are offering free consultation. When we say free, we mean it. You have no pressure of buying anything or doing anything”. She was very impressed and said she actually did a lot of research before she phoned us for a consultation. The reason she came to us was because we have very good reputation from everyone who knows us.

I felt touched and honored by her comment. Is there anything more important than a good reputation? We have been practicing acupuncture in Brighton (Hove actually) for 16 years since 1998. If you ask people for recommendation about where to do acupuncture in Hove, we are quite likely on the top of the recommendation list. This is not only because we are near Hove Town Hall with easy access; good reputation is our invaluable asset through our hard work in the last 16 years. Reputation comes from knowledge and heart. They are equally important. We are quite lucky living in Brighton and Hove, because this is a lively and energetic city. There are many excellent acupuncturists and herbalists, but relatively fewer practitioners qualified for both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and offer integrated treatment.

We feel so proud and privileged, because we know what we are doing, and we love what we are doing!


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