What should I expect from a consultation and how long does it take?2020-06-04T10:19:35+00:00

Consultation is a very important procedure when practitioners take your case history and reach a diagnosis. During the consultation, we will examine your pulse and your tongue. We will ask you questions about your general well being (such as sleeping, energy, digestion, mood, menstruation, etc), your medical history and your current condition. Since Chinese medicine is a holistic healing system, you may find some questions do not seem to be directly relevant to your main condition, but this will help us to understand the overall background of your health and offer the best treatment that suits you.

What should I bring for my consultation?2020-06-04T10:21:03+00:00

We will ask you about your medical history during the consultation. It will be very helpful to let us know any diagnosis your doctors have given to you (and preferably letters from your doctor if there is) and the list of medication you are taking.

How do you use my personal record?2020-06-04T10:21:26+00:00

We take confidentiality very seriously. Your medical record will be kept safely only for the purpose of your treatment record. We never share your medical record with anyone without your consent. We never write to your GP or your family about your medical condition unless you ask us to.

What conditions can be helped with acupuncture?2020-06-04T10:21:50+00:00

Acupuncture can be used to treat wide range of medical conditions. The conditions patients most likely to be benefited with acupuncture include any pain related conditions, emotional conditions, gynecological problems, fertility related conditions, digestive disorders, allergic conditions, and general well being. Please read our “Treatment” session for details, or book an appointment of consultation to find out how you will get help from acupuncture.

Does acupuncture hurt?2020-06-04T10:22:05+00:00

Generally speaking acupuncture is not a painful treatment. Needles used for acupuncture normally have diameters of only 0.2 to 0.3 mm, much finer than the needles used for injection. However, you do sometimes experience some sensations (like dull ache or tingling). Remember, every individual person is different. If you feel sensations stronger than you have expected, always tell the practitioner.

Can I go back to work after acupuncture treatment?2020-06-04T10:22:18+00:00

In most cases patients can carry on their routine. Sometime patients may feel “over relaxed” or a bit tired after the treatment. We suggest patients not to do harsh physical work or exercise after treatment. If you feel light-headed or uncomfortable after the treatment (although not common), always sit down and have a rest before you leave the clinic, especially if you need to drive afterwards.

What needles do you use for acupuncture?2020-06-04T10:22:42+00:00

At the clinic, we follow strict Code of Practice which defines the hygiene and safety standards of practicing acupuncture. All the needles used in our clinic are from authorized suppliers. The needles are sterilized and will be disposed after use. The waste needles will be collected and destroyed professionally by specialized contractors. We never re-use any needles, not even on the same person.

How many sessions of treatment do I need?2020-06-04T10:22:55+00:00

The length and interval of treatment depends on the individual situation. As a general guideline, acute conditions with recent onset are more likely treated within a shorter period of time, while chronic long-suffering conditions take longer time. You may need more frequent treatment at the beginning, but take much less treatment as soon as the condition has improved and stable. We always give you professional and honest advice during the consultation and you always know and agree with the plan before starting any treatment.

What do I need to prepare for an acupuncture treatment?2020-06-04T10:23:05+00:00

No special preparation is needed. We suggest you wear comfortable loose clothes (for example, soft trousers which can be rolled up to the knee easily) and eat a little bit snacks before having the treatment (but you are not recommended to have a big meal before treatment).

Can I claim back the cost of the treatment from medical insurers?2020-06-04T10:23:14+00:00

Different medical insurers have their own policy and they recognize different professional organizations. As our practitioners are full member of British Acupuncture Council, our acupuncture treatment is recognized by most medical insurers. Please ask your insurer for their covering details when you plan your treatment.

Do you offer home visits?2020-06-04T10:23:22+00:00

Unfortunately we are not able to offer home visit at the moment.

Is the herbal medicine safe?2020-06-04T10:26:45+00:00

Anything we take orally, even the food, may have potential adverse effect if you do not take it properly. Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years in China and the Far East, and it has been proved to be a very safe treatment if it is prescribed by qualified practitioners. We take patient safety as our top priority. All our practitioners are fully qualified and the herbs are from suppliers fully accredited by Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) and Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM).

How long should I take herbal medicine for?2020-06-04T10:26:54+00:00

Similar to acupuncture, the length of herbal treatment depends on individual conditions. On average, you may expect to take stronger dosage of herbal medicine at the beginning, but take reduced dosage as soon as your condition is getting better.

Can I take herbal medicine along with other western medicines?2020-06-04T10:27:02+00:00

It depends on what medication you are taking. Always bring in the medicines you are taking and we suggest you consult your doctor for advice if you plan to withdraw any regular medication.

Can I take herbs if I plan to have a baby?2020-06-04T10:27:11+00:00

Chinese herbal medicine can offer great help for fertility related issues. However, if you plan to have a baby, or if you know you are already pregnant, please let us know as soon as possible. We may need to adjust your treatment accordingly.

Can young children take herbal medicine?2020-06-04T10:27:20+00:00

Generally yes. Young children can use both acupuncture and herbal medicine (They can respond very well to the treatment). We always prescribe treatments which are safe and suitable for their medical conditions.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-06-04T10:27:27+00:00

It is understandable you may have to change or cancel your appointment if something more urgent happens. We are a busy clinic. Please give us at least 24 hours notice to enable us to reschedule your appointment and give this time to other people who need it. We always try to be as flexible as possible, but we also reserve the right to charge or refuse to treat if you miss your appointment without contacting us.